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Multimedia Livingroom: Artworks

All paintings in my livingroom are done by the painting-by-numbers principle.

The smallest paintings are painted with acrylic colors. Acrylic colors are similar to oil colors, but based on the solvent water. Therefore, they are easily dilutable and can be used without hesitation. Also, little mistakes can be overpainted afterwards without becoming obvious. Because of these reasons, acrylic colors can be recommended for beginners and, especially, for young artists.

Elephant. Acrylic-painting with 6 colors, 130x180 mm, December 1998  Polar Bears. Acrylic-painting with 6 colors, 130x180 mm, April 2001

All further pictures are painted with oil colors. These can be diluted using "turpentine replacement" (brush cleaner). If the colors have become hard in the color pot, they should no longer be used, since the solvent evaporates only slowly, which generates shiny surfaces.

Paradisiac South Sea. Oil-painting with 18 colors, 339x244 mm, May 1999 until February 2000  Lion Portrait. Oil-painting with 15 colors, 169x244 mm, September 2000  King of the Jungle. Oil-painting with 16 colors, 170x245 mm, June 2001  Giant of the Steppe. Oil-painting with 20 colors, 170x245 mm, November 2001  Antiquity. Oil-painting with 19 colors, 226x322 mm, July 2002 and November 2004

When processing, one has to cover the areas completely, especially the printed numbers. Later changes have only limited success and they often lead to the mentioned shiny areas.

Please click on a picture for further information and a closer look. By clicking on the big picture, one returns back again.

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