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Dietmar Knoll: Online Home

Hello! Welcome to my new Online Home!

My interests include, among others, Amiga computers, multimedia, science, traveling, Science Fiction and web publishing/design. With the buttons on the left side you can explore all rooms:

Lion Portrait. Oil-painting with 15 colors, 169x244 mm, September 2000

  • The Computer Lab features my online projects, the used hard- and software, my Amiga history and the evolution of my web design. Further, you can find some web references.

  • The Multimedia Livingroom shows some self-made artworks and describes my audio/video equipment. The Lion image on the right is one of my self-made artworks. Besides that you'll find my collection of Multimedia Acronyms.

  • The Tour Pavilion includes the subjects vacation and bicycle. Here I started to digitize pictures from my Kenya Tour in 1999 and release them. This project has currently stopped!!!

My biggest Amiga projects are the Geographical Amiga Users Home Page Internet List and the Official Support Site for the "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note".

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