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Dietmar Knoll: News

2011-10-15 - Welcome, News statistics links updated

2006-04-10 - Computer: Amiga FTP Directory updated

2006-04-06 - Contact form script revised, 2011 removed!

2006-04-06 - Computer: References updated

2006-03-31 - http://gauhpil.dietmar-knoll.de/  - The GAUHPIL Database - Snapshop March 2006

2005-06-30 - http://gauhpil.dietmar-knoll.de/  - The GAUHPIL Database - Amiga-User-List with Address Details!

The GAUHPIL now also shows address details in the Amiga-User-List for registered users! Please see History for details.

2005-05-31 - http://gauhpil.dietmar-knoll.de/  - The GAUHPIL Database - Trilingual Amiga-User-List!

The GAUHPIL and the new Amiga-User-List are now completely translated to Spanish and this means they are available in 3 languages! Please see History for details.

2005-04-30 - http://gauhpil.dietmar-knoll.de/  - The GAUHPIL Database - Now trilingual!

The GAUHPIL is now also available in Spanish! Please see History for details.

2004-12-08 - Multimedia: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z updated

2004-12-07 - Curriculum Vitae updated

2004-12-06 - Jambo Kenya Safari 1999 updated

2004-12-05 - Tour: Pavilion updated

2004-12-04 - Computer: HTML 2.0 Demo, AmigaOSXL-Update1, BoingBag2, Units of Physics updated

2004-12-03 - Computer: Lab, Projects, Equipment, History, Experiences, Design updated

2004-12-01 - Computer: Programs updated: PairsNG, Voyager

2004-11-29 - Multimedia: Livingroom, Artworks, Elephant, Giant of the Steppe new page inserted, updated

2004-11-28 - Multimedia: Antiquity new page: painting from 2002/2004
After two years, I finally finished an "unfinished" Painting. This Painting can be seen as part of the "paintings with special effects" series. It has a special gold print. Antiquity. Oil-painting with 19 colors, 226x322 mm, July 2002 and November 2004

2004-11-18 - Multimedia: Music, Movie, Acronyms updated

2004-11-17 - Multimedia: King of the Jungle, Polar Bears updated

2004-11-16 - Multimedia: Lion Portrait new page inserted, updated

2004-11-15 - Multimedia: Paradisiac South Sea new page: painting from 1999/2000
With the new page I introduce a new, intuitive navigation: if you click on the big picture, you will get to the overview of my little arts gallery. The links to the previous and next image have moved further down. Paradisiac South Sea. Oil-painting with 18 colors, 339x244 mm, May 1999 until February 2000

2004-11-11 - Computer: Free updated

Since my pages have moved often, I have recommended to use server-independent redirector URLs for links. As of today, the redirector URLs at home.pages.de link to the current homepage again. Nevertheless, I recommend to use the actual URL:

Redirector URLRecommendation
http://d-online.home.pages.de/ Please use http://www.dietmar-knoll.de/ instead!
http://afd.home.pages.de/ Please use http://afd.dietmar-knoll.de/ instead!
http://gauhpil.home.pages.de/ Please use http://gauhpil.dietmar-knoll.de/ instead!

2004-11-10 - AFD-COPYRIGHT: The E-Mail link on all pages has been changed to hit the new contact form.

2004-10-17 - Contact new: contact form

2003-10-05 - Computer: AmigaOSXL Experiences Report update - version 1.38

2002-07-21 - My Homepage has moved to a domain of its own:

http://www.dietmar-knoll.de/ active since 2002-07-21 Active homepage
http://homepages.compuserve.de/GAUHPIL/ deleted on 2004-11-11 FTP access only with direct dial-in.
http://www.fortunecity.de/wolkenkratzer/orbit/166/ deleted on 2002-07-23 Fortunecity is a scrap yard!
http://www.dknoll.myokay.net/ lost in cyberspace Provider went bancrupt!

Notes: This list contains all English files, each with the date of the latest change. The changes of the German files are located on the page Neuigkeiten.

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