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Computer Lab: The Evolution of my Web Design

In course of time I have adopted certain "Golden Rules" for web design:

  1. Use valid HTML - so that one can watch the pages with any web browser.
    Using the standards written down in DTDs makes sure that the pages can be displayed correctly with all browsers that support these standards, even if they only support a lower standard (downwards compatability).
    Most browsers don't even support all features of the standard HTML 2.0. Since centered texts and background images require HTML 3.2, I use this quasi-standard on most pages. With the new layout I use JavaScript for animated buttons and therefore HTML 4.01, which is still an unfinished standard.
    All pages are tested for their correctness and a small logo at the bottom of each page shows the HTML version used and links to the test results. This makes it easy to check the code again after each change.
  2. Keep only working links - to avoid frustration.
    This requires to check all external links from time to time and update the URIs.
  3. Create small files - to keep the access times short.
  4. Show few pictures per page - to limit the number of accesses to a minimum, which also has positive impact on access time.
  5. Use a uniform layout - for an as professional as possible look.

All this is, in my opinion, self-evident for good web design.

An example for my earlier web design is the List of Units of Physics. It arose in 1996 after my diploma thesis and shows, how one can link bilingual information, here the different terms of the physical quantities and units, directly opposite to each other. This page is finished, so to speak, since I did not add any new information for a while.

The Amiga FTP Directory is another project from earlier times. Here I tried to list all FTP servers that hold software for the Amiga line of computers. I checked this list in March 2000 once again and updated some entries. I do not continue this project anymore, since there are enough information sources like this one and my other projects fill out my time.

Some old ideas find still use on special pages. This way the old navigation buttons moved to the Kenya pages and the AFD support pages contain some older icons.

As with each move, I intend to make the pages even better and more beautiful. Since my last web move, I follow these plans:

  1. Only thematical pages, divided up into directories. There is no boring links page. Instead, some external links are at places where they seem to make sense. (Status: 100%)
  2. Photographs/Paintings - my scanner shall also contribute something. (Status: 25%)
  3. Clickable maps - photographs and pictures as link maps. (Status: 0%)
  4. German translation. Also, I divided up the old, bilingual pages. (Status: 80%)
  5. New, yet more beautiful layout. Firstly, I have created blue, animated buttons, that alter their appearance using JavaScript, when the mouse pointer moves above them. I also added background images and changed the menu. (Status: 100%)

To make a short conclusion: My homepage is by definition always a construction site.
The present state is only a snapshot of a development: The Computer pages are completed, the Multimedia pages are under construction, and the Tour pages have just started to develop.

The list of Web References shows where my pages are linked.

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